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Are you a basketball player? Do you want to increase your basketball playing skills? Do you like playing basketball game? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you should consider playing NBA 2K14. The game which is developed by Visual Concepts tries to simulate basketball. It was published by 2K Sport and released in North America in October 1st, 2013. But it was launched in Europe on 4October 2013. NBA 2K14 game is available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PS3 and the PS4. It is a game that will keep you entertained and engaged until you are exhausted. If you are feeling lonely and you are looking for a game to keep yourself engaged, you should consider playing this game. The game is available in two versions, namely, the mobile version and the console version.

NBA 2K14 cheats 2014One good aspect of this game that marks it from other basketball game is that it comes with a number of improved features and NBA 2K14 cheat codes that makes for more enjoyable and easy play. There are plenty of objectives to accomplish in the game. You have the option of choosing the team you want. You can decide to opt for the Miami Heat of the famous basketball superstar LeBron James.

It comes with a multi-season mode which allows you to play a number of seasons. There is also feature that allows you to improve on your skills through practice. But if you have acquired enough skills and you want to test your skills, you can play against friends using the Bluetooth multiplayer or Game Center.

NBA 2K14 remains one of the most highly played basketball games in the world today thanks to its impeccable game play. It is designed in such a manner that you can handle your players perfectly well in the court. It is also possible for you to make some moves, steals, spins and alley-oops.

Effort has been made in this game to better the design and animation so that the player will have a better playing experience. One feature that makes the game interesting and awesome is the replays. Important actions and moments during the game are replayed for players.

As it has been said above, the game is designed to imitate real life basketball game. The audio perfectly imitate the cheering crowd in the real field of play. Players will always feel that they are in the real field of play as the crowd shouts during each moment of the game. The organ music goes on and there is also the arena announcements that will make you feel entertained. However, the major drawback of the audio system of the game is that there is no running commentary except the few comments by LeBron.

If you are a LeBron’s fan and you looking forward to seeing him in Cleveland, then you should opt for this game. Here in our site, our team of contributors will make available to you useful set of NBA 2K14 cheats, hints, tips, hacks, codes and unlockables.